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Accounting Toolbar Icons

Enhance an accounting package or bookkeeper software with appealing graphics
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9 February 2015

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In a world where competition is all pervasive event a slight advantage in the look and feel of your product can give you an advantage over your rivals. Now if you happen to be a developer or a software publisher who is looking to create a software or website related to finance then you may need to create a bunch of elegant icons. However the idea of creating icons itself is scary for most small software firms as design resources are scare. In such a scenario you can checkout the Accounting Toolbar Icons 2013.2 collection which boasts of a huge repertoire icon types that are relevant for any financial or accounting application.

The Accounting Toolbar Icons 2013.2 collection contains more 150 icons of varied types related to accounting and finance and several variations of them in different colors and styles are presented. The icons pixel range spans from 16X16 to 48X48 in resolution and most of them are very sharp and appealing. While the icons are available in several formats including gif along with png, they are also presented in semi transparent format. One of the most interesting part about the collection is that icons are clubbed nearby by their class. You are likely to find several icon sets for currencies and other common financial elements. Concepts such as capital gain or auction etc are depicted through very self explanatory designs which make them very relevant for use in business applications. Most of the icons seem to have been very well designed and a lot of thought has been given to achieve design perfection and finesse.

The design elegance and refinement showcased in the icons contained in the Accounting Toolbar Icons 2013.2 earns it a score of 3 rating stars. Further its range of monetary icons is quite expansive and is likely to appeal to many developers.

Publisher's description

Enhance an accounting package or bookkeeper software with appealing graphics. Accounting Toolbar Icons depict numerous concepts and symbols related to accounting and bookkeeping, including currencies, financial symbols, files, customers, percentage points, and many more. More than 150 icons are available for instant preview and immediate purchase.
Accounting Toolbar Icons are available immediately in what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. The set includes over a hundred matching icons in multiple formats, sizes, color resolutions and states. Each icon from Accounting Toolbar Icons comes in normal, disabled and highlighted styles, and is available in 256-color or semi-transparent True Color format. All icons come in resolutions of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, and are supplied in ICO, BMP, GIF and PNG file formats.
Many concepts and symbols depicted in this set are unique to Accounting Toolbar Icons. Typical icons from the set are symbols representing Accounting, Bookkeeping, Dollar, Euro and several other popular currencies in notes and coins, Money, Cash, Income, Credit, Financial Assistance, Money Turnover, Capital Gains, Insurance, Bank, Safe, Credit Card, Check, Percentage Point, Barcode, Sale, Auction, Growth and Recession, and many more symbols and concepts that are essential to develop a successful accounting or bookkeeping product.
While your customers will appreciate the clean, consistent look of your product resulting from the use of Accounting Toolbar Icons, they will appreciate the on-time delivery of the product even more. Timely delivery is easier to achieve when you use ready-made icons rather than order them to make.
Why reading about a set of icons when you can see it with your own eyes without downloading anything? Just visit and see the preview of these icons momentarily on a single Web page!
Accounting Toolbar Icons
Accounting Toolbar Icons
Version 2015
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